Dr. Phela Goodstein invented Laughter Meditation which effects our body, mind and spirit


We begin to relax


We live in the Power of Now


By raising you to a higher level of Awareness, we re-energize and discover the child within us.

Feeling "good or up" is not a prerequisite to book her!

Laughter is the best medicine:

These workshops are designed for people who want to lighten up and practice the principles of humor to create a health intensifying environment.

Dr. Phela Goodstein demonstrates how humor and laughter affect the total being, she helps people transform their reaction to stress and achieve a higher level of consciousness to deal with stress.

Phela has intuitive ability to view life from inventive perspectives and she provides insight and counsel to those who seek her advice.

Dr. Phela Goodstein, the founder and mentor of the institute first invented the "HA HA" technique, the four steps critical to laughing problems away: Hurt, Anger, Humour, Acceptance. To Phela this represents one way, in her words, "to perform open heart surgery without an operation."

Dr. Phela Goodstein studied in New York under the direction of Dr. Joel Goodman, who is the director of the Humour Project in New York, and the editor of Laughing Matters Magazine. She has also studied humor-creativity skills and has been greatly influenced by the works of Dr. Norman Cousins, Albert Einstein, Dr. Abraham Maslow, and the Universe!

Humor and happiness work in tandem... that is to say that the derivative of humor is happiness and happiness is our natural state of being... turning our minds to essential realities leading to a healthy "unscrambling of our negative attitudes".

This revolution of the spirit begins with the recognition that a wise and loving child dwells within each of us. As this child is nurtured, we begin along that playful path of inner freedom and self-actualization in the Maslowian sense.

Ten ways to benefit from Dr. Phela Goodstein's humor therapy and workshops:

10. Reduce worry, tension, anxiety and guilt
9. Balance life at home and work
8. Maintain and improve your health
7. Learn how to cope with high pressure
6. Understand the crucial balance between acting and reacting
5. Take yourself less seriously
4. Increase self-esteem and to be motivated in all areas of life
3. Discover how to be an optimist
2. Be able to laugh at yourself
1. Realize there are no problems, only solutions

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