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Letter received from Haida Health Centre, Queen Charolette Island
Old Masset Youth Program

May 30, 2002

Re: Dr. Phela

Dr. Phela was wonderful! I would recommend her positive energy to any organization that is in need of a pick me up.

We had Dr. Phela in our community to do both youth and adult workshops and both wanted more! It's too bad she couldn't stay.

Harmony Williams
Old Masset Youth Worker

"She is obviously a going concern. She is a person of enormous energy, enthusiasm and dynamism, with apparently an unlimited optimism"

Judge Donald Bowman, Ottawa

"Challenges us to get out of our shells"

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario

    "Thanks for the "great" stuff!"


"The students have learned, as well as staff. Excellent"

Humber College
North Toronto Campus

"A stimulating and humorous presentation"

The Lake Head Board of Education

"Your new chosen vocation should be up there with Computer and Microchips, as the thing for the future of this World"

The Law Society of Upper Canada

"She performed open heart surgery without an operation"

The North Toronto Business
Show for Entrepreneurs

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