Dr. Phela Goodstein promotes the importance of using humor in our lives to provide us with the resilience to face life's trying moments successfully. She has the intuitive ability of viewing situations from unusual perspectives, and provides insight and counsel to those who seek her advice.

She has studied in New York under the direction of Dr. Joel Goodman who is the Director of Humor Project in New York and the editor of Laughing Matters Magazine. She also has studied humor creativity skills and has been greatly influenced by the works of Albert Einstein, Dr. Norman Cousins and the Universe.

Dr. Phela Goodstein believes when you can truly laugh at a problem, the problem ceases to exist. As a result, she has been identified as a mood lifter and one who can entertain your soul.

Dr. Phela Goodstein travels the World giving lectures and workshops.

The lighter Side of Life for the World

By Mr. Phil Satti - Staff Writer

These days there may be less to laugh about but that does not mean laughter is now becoming extinct.

Dr. Phela Goodstein, of the World Humor Institute, is making sure that laughter retains its important place in human emotions.

"Humor is a preventative medicine," says Phela. "The Institute deals with the causes of an illness rather than the effects."

Humor's healing power lies in the release of endorphins and seratonin, which come from the pleasure seeking part of the brain. Once released, they flood the body's nervous system and produce a more relaxed and healthy feeling.

Once one learns the secret to laughter, then so is the secret to enjoying life. But laughter is not only just good for improved emotional and physical health. You can better express happiness, wonder, awe, curiosity and the list goes on.

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